10 Day Cape York Tour


With a Maximum of 4 to 6 Passengers Per Vehicle.

Price Per Person. $4,950.

Cape York Tour Introduction.

Cape York is one of Australia’s last great wilderness regions, extending more than 1000 kilometers north from Cairns.

This vast, remote region is approximately the size of our State of Victoria. Or of England, Scotland and Wales combined. Covering some 115,000 square kilometers.

Cape York 4WD Adventure Tours

Our Cape York tours cover a vast region of diverse and beautiful landscapes, untamed wilderness and pristine coast line. So come along on one of our 10 Day Cape York Tours for an adventure of a life time and explore Australia’s last great wilderness.

Cape York.

Even today Cape York is an important and relatively untouched area, supporting a diverse range of environments from tropical rain forest, open forest, Savannah grassland and heath communities. In a region that remains unaffected by our busy industrialized society. Cape York has quite a few National Parks that protect these natural assets, the most notable being Lakefield and Jardine River National Parks along with the famous World Heritage listed Wet Tropics a short distance from Cairns.

Many of Cape York’s 25,000 inhabitants of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Rely on the annual migration of tourists to supplement the peninsula’s mining, fishing and pastoral industries which are the basis of its relatively small economy.


Cape York’s indigenous history is a combination of the rich cultures of the Australian Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander groups. A visit to Split Rock, near Laura, to view ancient rock art is a highlight of the area. Known as “Quinkan” rock art, there are literally hundreds of galleries hidden in the sandstone escarpment of the Great Dividing Range. The collection is held to be one of the largest bodies of primitive art in the world which depict the activities and culture of Indigenous Aboriginal people for more than thirty thousand years.

10 Day Cape York Tour
Jarramali Rock Art Tours. Laura Cape York.
10 Day Cape York Tour
Jarramali Rock Art Tours. Laura Cape York.

One of the Cape’s most well known visitor was Captain Cook. Who arrived in 1770 when he had to repair his ship “Endeavour” where the township of Cooktown stands today. Later, significant European influences began with Kennedy’s 1848 expedition to be followed by the Jardine family who established the outpost of Somerset in the 1860’s.

However, it was the discovery of gold at the Palmer River that brought significant population and the establishment of Cooktown in 1873. In the years that followed, the Cape York Telegraph line, pastoralism, World War II, bauxite mining at Weipa and the emerging tourism industry have all added their intriguing stories to the region.

With Northern Adventures, no two Cape York trips are ever the same.

We are able to vary our itineraries to cater for all your individual needs.


Day 1. Cairns, Mareeba, Mt Molloy, Mt Carbine, Lake Land, Laura, Laura River, Jarramali Rock Art Tours and bush camp.

Day 2. Old Laura Station, Lake field National Park, Camp Salt Water Creek Crossing.

Day 3. Musgrave, Cohen, Archer River, Bramwell Junction, Camp Old Telegraph line.

Day 4. Fruit Bat Falls, Twin Falls, Elliot Falls, Jardine River Ferry, Seisia and Bamaga.

Day 5. Northern Beaches, Sommerset, Tip of Cape York.

Day 6. Sesia, D.C.3 and Beaufort Bomber crash sites, Mutee Heads W.W.II Radar Instilations camp Bramwell Junction.

Day 7. Bramwell, Batavia Downs, Wiepa.

Day 8. Archer River, Coen, Musgrave, Hann River road house and Horse shoe lagoon.

Day 9. Laura to Cooktown.

Day 10. Black Mountains Nat Park, Daintree Nat Park, Bloomfield track Cape Tribulation and on to Cairns.


  • Experienced Guide/Camp Assistant with local knowledge and experience
  • Comfortable air conditioned 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles modified to suit challenging outback conditions.
  • Large Off Road Trailer
  • Individual twin share tents
  • Large comfortable camp beds & pillows
  • Ice Boxes for cold drinks
  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Camp Fees
  • and all other necessary camping equipment
Jarramali Rock Art Tours.
10 Day Cape York Tour Twin Falls
Twin Falls. Cape York.
10 Day Cape York Tour
Standing at The Tip of Cape York.

Cape York 10 Day Camping Tour Itinerary.

Day 1: Pick up from your accommodation in Cairns before departing for Cape York on an adventure of a lifetime.

Our trip this morning takes us up and over the Karanda Ranges through Mareeba, Mt. Molloy, Mt. Carbine and on into Lakeland Downs where we will stop for morning tea at the famous Lakeland Coffee House. From this point onwards the sealed roads end and our outback adventure begins. Our next stop is the small township of Laura where we will visit the Quinkan Aboriginal Cultural Centre, before heading out across to Jarramali Rock Art Safari Camp, an epicentre of Aboriginal rock art. Walk to ancient sites on Jowalbinna’s sandstone escarpments and investigate the lives of the original inhabitants, and enjoy a refreshing creek swim. In the evening chat around a bush campfire. (L.D).

Day 2: This morning we travel into Lakefield National Park, Queensland’s second largest. At 537,000 hectares (1.25 million acres) Waterlily covered billabongs, wildlife and a great variety of birdlife and hopefully some fresh water crocodiles, makes for a memorable day before arriving at the century old Telegraph Station and now working cattle station of Musgrave, our overnight stop. (B.L.D.)

10 Day Cape York Tour Crocodile
Fresh Water Crocodile.
10 Day Cape York Tour Barramundie

Day 3: This morning we cross the Great Dividing Range to visit the old gold mining town of Coen. Onward we cross the sprawling sandbanks of the Archer River and the Wenlock River, site of the historic Moreton Telegraph Station, before arriving at Branwell Station and our camp for the night. (B.L.D).

Day 4: From Bramwell we travel north along the Overland Telegraph Line through numerous creek crossings before arriving at Heathlands Nature Reserve. From here we head out on to the southern bypass track before arriving at spectacular Fruit Bat, Elliot and Twin Falls. After a relaxing afternoon swim we continue on to the Jardine River Ferry Crossing and through to our tropical beach side camp just outside the small township of Seisia. (B.L.D.)

Twin Falls Cape York.

10 Day Cape York Tour Twin Falls
Twin Falls Cape York.

Day 5: Today it is off to the tip of CAPE YORK, SOMERSET.

An unforgettable day of achievement and interest. Stand at the very ‘Tip’ of our continent, where oceans meet and where very few travelers visit. Somerset, the ruins of the grandiose failed ‘Singapore of the Pacific’. As well as a fascinating visit to the beautiful “Lockerbie Scrub”, an isolated pocket of monsoon rain forest, on our way to historic Somerset on Albany passage where you can ponder the past, our explorers, pioneers and the Cape’s traditional owners. Drive along Cape York’s pristine northern beaches, rocky headlands, explore cool shaded forest walks and finally ending the day with a twilight stroll to watch another spectacular Torres Strait sunset. (B.L.D).

10 Day Cape York Tour
Walking to The Tip of Cape York.
Sesia Sun Set Cape York Tour
Torres Strait sunset.

Day 6: This morning we head out to explore the remnants of Cape York’s World War ll history with a visit to the DC3 and Beaufort Bomber crash sites near the old Jacky Jacky air strip as well as the old radar installation and port at Mutee Heads, before heading south to our camp site at Merluna Station. (B.L.D.)

Day 7: Today we head across through Batavia Downs Station to visit the Bauxite mining town of Weipa where we will see one of Australia’s largest mining export ports in action as well as visit ancient Aboriginal shell midden sites before heading south again to spend the night at beautiful Merluna station. (B).

Cape York Cattle Station
Merluna station. Cape York.
Cape York Cattle Station
Merluna station. Cape York.

Day 8: From Merluna it’s off through the Archer River and on down the track towards Cooktown through Coen, Musgrave and Battle Camp Station before we arrive at the Endeavour River Escape Holiday Park, where we will stay for the next two nights (B.D.).

Day 9: Today we head into Cooktown for a wonderful day enjoying the sights and sounds of this historic town. Visiting the famous James Cook Museum and historic monuments along the foreshore. This afternoon is free for you to explore the town at your leisure. (B).

Cape York Tour Cooktown Museum.
James Cook Museum Cooktown.

Day 10: This morning we make our way out of Cooktown through the mysterious Black Mountains to visit the historic Lions Den Hotel for a morning coffee before heading into the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park along the Bloomfield track into Cape Tribulation before returning via the scenic northern beaches to your accommodation in Cairns. (B).

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